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Fantastic help with our expansion overseas
Fantastic help with our expansion overseas

Reference: Dubarry

The brand Dubarry, named after Madame du Barry, emerged in 1937 in the  town of Ballinasloe on the west coast of Ireland.

Because of the outstanding finishing and quality of the shoes and later on also clothing, the brand has developed itself to being a comprehension in both the outdoor world, particularly in the equestrian, hunting, sailing as well as outside of those area’s.

Nowadays Dubarry of Ireland has flagship stores in, for example, Dublin, London and Cheltenham and sells her products all over the world. Next to this, Dubarry is selling her products in Europe, The United Kingdom, Ireland and The United States of America.

For more information see the company website www.dubarry.com.

Van Oers has accompanied Dubarry of Ireland with their further expansion overseas to the mainland of Europe through a Branch office in The Netherlands.

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