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Reference: Gamakatsu - Spro

Spro is a member of the Gamakatsu Group, one of the world leading fishing tackle companies. Spro was founded back in 1994 when Gamakatsu decided it was time to better service the European territory. Until that time, Gamakatsu products (mostly fishing hooks) were sold through distributors throughout Europe. With Europe being a big potential market for the company, Gamakatsu decided to create its own distribution center, Spro BV, in The Netherlands.

As from 1994, Spro BV has been the official distributor of Gamakatsu products (mostly hooks and fishing line) as well as a small range of Spro branded rods, reels and some accessories. Direct sales in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg were only the start. Spro BV also became the point of contact for all European distributors. This made the lines of communications shorter and allowed for an even better knowledge about the different local European markets.

Van Oers International assisted Spro and Gamakatsu in optimizing its international structure and various other international aspects of the companies.