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Do you have questions about laws and regulations in the Netherlands?
Do you have questions about laws and regulations in the Netherlands?

Working in the Netherlands

Labour mobility is becoming more and more common. At the same time,  differences between individual countries remain great – even within the EU. Van Oers International assists people working in the Netherlands while living abroad.

Advice for people seeking to work in the Netherlands

You are thinking about taking a job in the Netherlands, or perhaps you have already accepted one. In many cases, the procedures and rules will be very different from what you are used to. We can explain what your rights and obligations are as a non-resident taxpayer, what the rules are for medical insurance and what you need to arrange in connection with your pension – to name but a few examples. We can help you navigate the administrative procedures. Considering how important it is to have everything relating to your employment sorted out from the start, the experts at Van Oers International offer you the certainty of peace of mind as you start your new job in the Netherlands.

Arrangements for foreign workers in the Netherlands

The Dutch authorities have introduced facilities for employees from other countries who come to the Netherlands to work. For example, the 30% ruling allows employees to be paid part of their wages tax-free, as compensation for the additional costs of working in another country. If a ‘salary split’ arises, the rights of taxation on the income from employment will be divided across multiple countries. This may substantially increase the employee’s net income. Van Oers International can help you to make optimum use of all the available facilities.

Working in the Netherlands: quick answers to your questions

If you have any questions about these issues, fill out the form shown on the right to see what Van Oers International can do for you.

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